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"Summer's terrible fires show how sensitive our society is! A first step to reducing the number of fires is fire prevention and this is where EFP enters the image with its environmentally friendly fire protection. Easy to use and extremely effective."


John Wallén

Fire fighter

It takes more than 500 years for bromine to degrade in nature

Bromine is one of the most toxic elements in the world. In the past, bromine was used as an additive in conventional flame retardants.

If you were to have your blood tested, you would most likely see that the bromine concentration in your blood is sky-high. Bromine is extremely carcinogenic and is a major reason that girls enter puberty prematurely, at only nine or ten years of age.

Bromine can also be blamed for boys being born with malformed genitals - extensive research in this area has been performed by Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen and Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm.

The use of bromine was totally banned in the EU as of 2015.

Boron has also been used in flame retardants. Boron is carcinogenic and reduces fertility.

Let our kids grow up without bromine in their blood

Bromine is one of the most toxic elements in the world and is found in products including conventional flame retardants, known as brominated flame retardants.

These flame retardants are currently being phased out of the market and were totally banned in the EU as of 2015.

Ecofireprotection is a flame retardant developed in Sweden that contains absolutely no bromine or other toxic substances.

After several years of R&D, the results of fire tests performed by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås were outstanding.

You can read more about the final reports from SP, which you can order on our website.

EFP AB has about 40 collaboration agreements in place with various industries all over Europe.

EFP is available as both a dry product (powder) and as a water-based solution. EFP is extremely effective and easy to apply.

Why you should use EFP

EFP includes no additives of toxic substances. You can even drink EFP. 

EFP is NOT required by the Swedish Chemicals Agency to label the product as a chemical substance or mixture - but we have chosen to label the product anyway.

EFP is extremely effective. It is odourless and does not stain.

EFP works immediately after treatment and if you order our Final Reports from SP in Borås, you can read about the outstanding properties of EFP.


EFP is easy to use

EFP is very easy to use.

We supply EFP in powder form and you mix it according to our "Guidelines for mixing and using EFP".

1. Spray EFP on the material you want to protect against fire.

2. Let dry.

3. Done.

If you would like us to perform the impregnation for you, please get in touch. We have trained personnel all over the country.

EFP provides you with extremely effective fire protection.


Product facts and areas of application


You can use EFP on all absorbent materials.

All contents in EFP are classified by EFP as "Food."

Some materials will require two impregnations, but one treatment suffices in most cases.

Ecofireprotection is guaranteed for 36 months under normal moisture conditions. Thereafter, we recommend that you repeat the treatment.

If you wash the material you have treated, you should repeat the treatment after laundering.

EFP is water-based (EFP830), but we also supply a dry product (EFP833) for industrial use and comparable.







Malmö ArenaOur references range from the Nobel Prize Dinner to the Malmö Arena.


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Patent EFP Ecofireprotection We have patents approved in several countries and patents pending in many others. A pending patent provides the same strong protection as an approved patent.


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We supply powder for mixing on-site.

You will receive our "Guidelines for mixing and using EFP" with your delivery.

Your delivery will also include our final reports from SP in Borås. Safety data sheets are included upon request. We will also include a printed 36-month warranty upon request.

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Det är nästan omöjligt att förstå men antalet bränder ökar lavinartat varje år i vårt land.

Efterfrågan på EFP är stor både i Sverige - Norden och övriga världen. Vi söker nya Agenter/ÅF så om du är intresserad får du gärna höra av dig.

Det är nu flera år sen Apple Inc. tog beslutet fasa ut alla flamskydd med tillsatser av Brom och Bor. Detta syns framförallt på deras datorer - tidigare var skalet högpolerad vit plast (med flamskydd/Brom)...sen flera år tillbaks är skalen numera i aluminium...aluminium är extremt värmebeständigt och det krävs temperaturer upp mot 1600 grader för att det skall påvekas.


Genom att övergå till EFP i ditt brand- och flamskyddsarbete bidrar du till att skapa en renare miljö för oss alla.

Idag dumpas avfall med innehåll av Brom och Bor i vår natur och våra hav. Det innebär att både djur och fisk får i sig de giftiga ämnen vi matar dom med. Nästa effekt blir när vi äter djuren eller får i oss extremt giftiga ä är en del av kretsloppet. Ett lysande exempel på hur illa vi sköter våra hav är "Trash Island" du googlar kan du läsa om hur ett stort avfallsberg flyter omkring i Stilla Havet...stort som två Texasstater.

I år har vi åter den stora äran att brandskydda Nobelfesten. För mer information vänligen kontakta oss.

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