Swedish-developed Environmentally friendly Fire Protection
Free from PFAS - BROM - BOR

Fully documented in Swedish / English / French

About 200 shareholders

Approved patent in USA

Patent/Pending in approx. 60 countries

Current references​

EcoFireProtection® (EFP)

Eco-friendly fireprotection
for sustainability that effectively prevents fire
from occurring and that re-ignition is prevented.

Free of toxic additives
like bromine, boron and P-phase

Fully documented


Ecofireprotection® has extensive patents in the USA and Patent Pending in another 50 countries with a total of just over one billion inhabitants.

EFP are registered at SundaHus.

Swedish pavilion

The Forest – Sustainability in practice in the Swedish pavilion EXPO 2020 in Dubai

MAMMA MIA - The Party

Restaurant Rondo at Liseberg in Gothenburg is fire protected by EFP in connection with the ABBA show Mama Mia opening autumn 2020.

Nobel party

We have fire protected large parts of the Nobel party for 12 years.

Environmentally friendly fire protection that effectively prevents fire from occurring and that re-ignition is prevented. Very easy to use and extremely effective. EFP is well documented and all documents are available upon request.

Mats Svensson, Founder

Our working methodology

When we receive a request to fireproof a material, we always test it first in our own Lab. This is completely free of charge and customers receive a short final report and in most cases a simple video about the outcome of the fire test.

After that, it is up to the customer to decide if they are satisfied with our fire classifications (SIS - Swedish Institute for Standards) or if the customer wants to be approved for another specific fire class. In most cases, we hire SP in Borås (now RISE).

This is an excellent working methodology. When our own tests are finished, we will be informed if the results are good enough to hire, for example, RISE - these are costly tests they perform and the more we know before we decide to proceed, the better.

Do you want to order fire tests carried out by Ecofireprotection? Get in touch and we'll make an appointment. As I said, it is completely free of charge.


PFAS is a collective name for a group of industrially produced chemicals that are extremely toxic to humans. PFAS are found in the environment and contaminate drinking water and food.

It takes more than 500 years for bromine to degrade in nature

Bromine is one of the most toxic elements in the world. In the past, bromine was used as an additive in conventional flame retardants. If you were to have your blood tested, you would most likely see that the bromine concentration in your blood is sky-high. Bromine is extremely carcinogenic and is a major reason that girls enter puberty prematurely, at only nine or ten years of age. Bromine can also be blamed for boys being born with malformed genitals – extensive research in this area has been performed by Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen and Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The use of bromine was totally banned in the EU as of 2015. Boron has also been used in flame retardants. Boron is carcinogenic and reduces fertility.

Forest fires are increasing on a large scale

Let our kids grow up without bromine in their blood

Bromine is one of the most toxic elements in the world and is found in products including conventional flame retardants, known as brominated flame retardants.
These flame retardants are currently being phased out of the market and were totally banned in the EU as of 2015.
Ecofireprotection® is a flame retardant developed in Sweden that contains absolutely no bromine or other toxic substances.
After several years of R&D, the results of fire tests performed by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås were outstanding.
You can read more about the final reports from SP, which you can order on our website.
EFP AB has about 40 collaboration agreements in place with various industries all over Europe.
EFP is available as both a dry product (powder) and as a water-based solution. EFP is extremely effective and easy to apply.

Why you should use EFP

EFP includes no additives of toxic substances. You can even drink EFP.

EFP is NOT required by the Swedish Chemicals Agency to label the product as a chemical substance or mixture – but we have chosen to label the product anyway.

EFP is extremely effective. It is odourless and does not stain.

EFP works immediately after treatment and if you order our Final Reports from SP in Borås, you can read about the outstanding properties of EFP.

The biggest fires start in the kitchen

Do you need help with fire protection work?

Our trained service personnel carry out the fire protection work if you need it. Contact us for more information and a quote.

Instructions - How to use our products

EFP is easy to use

EFP is very easy to use.

We supply EFP in powder form and you mix it according to our “Guidelines for mixing and using EFP”.

1. Spray EFP on the material you want to protect against fire.

2. Let dry.

3. Done.

If you would like us to perform the impregnation for you, please get in touch. We have trained personnel all over the country.

EFP provides you with extremely effective fire protection.

The number of fires is increasing rapidly in Sweden

Product facts and areas of application

You can use EFP on all absorbent materials. All contents in EFP are classified by EFP as “Food.” Some materials will require two impregnations, but one treatment suffices in most cases. Ecofireprotection® is guaranteed for 36 months under normal moisture conditions. Thereafter, we recommend that you repeat the treatment. If you wash the material you have treated, you should repeat the treatment after laundering.

EFP is water-based (EFP830), but we also supply a dry product (EFP833) for industrial use and comparable.

Strictly controlled

EFP are controlled by ECHA – European Chemical Agency (EU) and their database CLP. Everything goes through the Swedish Chemicals Agency, with which we have regular contact.

1700 cars burn annually in Sweden

Facts, final reports and guidelines.


We have patents approved in several countries and patents pending in many others. A pending patent provides the same strong protection as an approved patent.

Click on the image above to see our patents.

Retailers worldwide

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Nordamerika: Ecofireprotection Inc.

Sales are made through Ecofireprotection Sales & Export 2021 AB


Our references range from the Nobel Prize Dinner to the Malmö Arena.

Order fire protection

Order EFP here.
Delivery within 2-3 days.
Prices: 1 litre, SEK 180.
10% discount on 1 case (12 litres).
For higher quantities, please contact us for a
We supply powder for mixing on-site.
You will receive our “Guidelines for mixing and using EFP” with your delivery.
Your delivery will also include our final reports from SP in Borås. Safety data sheets are included upon request. We will also include a printed 36-month warranty upon request.

Prices do not include VAT and postage/freight.

Payment Swish: 123 088 08 98

We are looking for Agents / Dealers

Demand for EFP is high both in Sweden – the Nordic countries and the rest of the world. We are looking for new Agents / Dealers so if you are interested you are welcome to contact us.

Apple Inc. took the lead

It is now several years since Apple Inc. made the decision to phase out all flame retardants with the addition of Bromine and Boron. This can be seen mainly on their computers – previously the shell was highly polished white plastic (with flame retardant / Bromine) … for several years now the shells are now in aluminum … aluminum is extremely heat resistant and to be affected temperatures up to 1600 degrees are needed.

The eternal cycle – that’s how you get hit

Today, waste containing Bromine and Boron is dumped in our nature and our oceans. This means that both animals and fish ingest the toxic substances we feed them with. The next effect is when we eat the animals or the fish … we get extremely toxic substances … we are part of the cycle. A shining example of how poorly we manage our oceans is “Trash Island” … if you google you can read about how a large mountain of waste floats around in the Pacific Ocean … as big as two Texas states.



I have previously told you about Pfas. Here is an article that highlights the risks. Pfas the problem is global.
Our Swedish-developed fire protection Ecofireprotection (EFP) is completely free of Pfas.
As far as we know, we are the only ones to do that and our patent covers around 60 countries. The company has 200 environmentally conscious shareholders.

Due to the PFAS debate, the demand to become a partner in Ecofireprotection Sales & Export AB (EFP) has increased significantly.

We are therefore carrying out a new issue where you are offered to buy shares in the company which currently already has approx. 200 shareholders – these shareholders have supported the company for many years and will therefore be offered a discount. Note that we have an approved US Patent in writing valued at SEK 10 million.

Price per share – SEK 1 (the company only has Series B – all shares equal value)
Total number of shares in this issue – 3 million shares

When you decide to become a partner, the company sends out a settlement note (receipt) which you sign and send back to us (2 copies). When you have paid for the shares, you will receive a settlement note back with our signature. You are then entered into our share register. For current shareholders, the share costs SEK 0.50/share.

Call or email for more information.

Thank you and welcome as a shareholder.

Ecofireprotection Sales & Export 2021 AB

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Ecofireprotection Inc.
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Ph: +46 722 496929

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The world's smallest fire extinguisher

In every office…hospital…schools etc there are fire extinguishers…few know where they are…even fewer know how they work…they weigh between 20-30 kilos and often contain Pfas. Before someone found the fire extinguisher…learned how it works, etc., the spark turned into a big fire.

Now Ecofireprotection (EFP) offers the world’s smallest fire extinguisher that you can place in every school room…every patient room…at every workplace in the office etc.

EFP is environmentally friendly…extremely easy to use and effectively extinguishes fires and prevents re-ignition. Our fire protection is patented, as is our concept of smaller fire extinguishers – the world’s smallest.

See the attached picture below…we offer spray bottles from 165 ml up to 400 ml.

Here’s how to use the spray bottle: Shake the bottle…remove the cap…spray directly on the fire. No re-ignition will take place.

Finally and very important; the propellant in the bottles is environmentally friendly and non-combustible. Most spray bottles contain Butane/Propane which is both toxic and extremely flammable.