The eternal cycle – that’s how you get hit

Today, waste containing Bromine and Boron is dumped in our nature and our oceans. This means that both animals and fish ingest the toxic substances we feed them with. The next effect is when we eat the animals or the fish … we get extremely toxic substances … we are part of the cycle. A […]


Hello, I have previously told you about Pfas. Here is an article that highlights the risks. Pfas the problem is global. Our Swedish-developed fire protection Ecofireprotection (EFP) is completely free of Pfas. As far as we know, we are the only ones to do that and our patent covers around 60 countries. The company has […]

Ecofireprotection in Svenska Dagbladet

Ecofireprotection is highlighted on page 1 and the full article can be read on page 7 – right hand side which is probably so important. Please enjoy. 325,000 readers.

P-phase in air-conditioning and climate systems

It has now emerged that the cooling water in air-conditioners & climate systems contains P-phase. This is extremely serious because many private houses/villas etc. have cooling systems installed.

Ferry operators in Norway prohibit the transport of electric cars

The risk of fire in electric cars is high. If a fire breaks out, they are impossible to put out. The energy in Lithium is so high that the fire cannot be extinguished…it simply has to burn out. This is exactly why a ferry company has banned electric cars on its ships. Now a special […]

Apple Inc. took the lead

It is now several years since Apple Inc. made the decision to phase out all flame retardants with the addition of Bromine and Boron. This can be seen mainly on their computers – previously the shell was highly polished white plastic (with flame retardant / Bromine) … for several years now the shells are now […]