We are therefore carrying out a new issue where you are offered to buy shares in the company which currently already has approx. 200 shareholders – these shareholders have supported the company for many years and will therefore be offered a discount. Note that we have an approved US Patent in writing valued at SEK 10 million.

Price per share – SEK 1 (the company only has Series B – all shares equal value)
Total number of shares in this issue – 3 million shares

When you decide to become a partner, the company sends out a settlement note (receipt) which you sign and send back to us (2 copies). When you have paid for the shares, you will receive a settlement note back with our signature. You are then entered into our share register. For current shareholders, the share costs SEK 0.50/share.

Call or email for more information.

Thank you and welcome as a shareholder.

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    Каркасные здания из сэндвич панелей располагают податливостью также адаптируемостью, что разрешает легко преобразовывать и модифицировать их в соответствии с нуждами заказчика. Это экономически результативное и экологически надежное решение, которое в последние годы приняло маштабное распространение.

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